Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I am getting closer and closer to getting things decorated for Christmas.

I am going to use blue ornaments this year on my tree. I am tired of my ornaments that I have had many many years. So I bought me some blue ones this year. Will probably have to still use some of the old things to fill in with though.

I guess I will have to make us some stockings to match to. I was planning on using white, or silver with the blue ornaments and wanted to use gold but the DD says that wont look right. I think white, gold, and blue would be pretty with clear lights myself.

I have an old old quilt in my attic in a box to keep it safe that my Maw Maw made when we were little kids that I would dearly LOVE to make stockings out of. Just don’t know if I have the heart to cut it up. Although it’s all to pieces in spots already. It’s all hand sewn and it’s been falling apart for many years so I don’t use it anymore. It would be sooooo neat as stockings! She was always my favorite Grandma because she was so precious. I wish I’d had another little girl so I could have named her after my Maw Maw, Carrie. Anyway I’ll have to ponder on this for awhile to see IF I can cut it up for stockings or not. Don’t think it’s fixable so this would be a neat use for it. I’ve had it since I was a teen and I dearly love the old thing! Smile I just can’t toss it!!!!

Anyway figured I could sew some lace trim that looks old and some old buttons in the seam areas where she’d sewn to help hold them together as well. This would be one of those projects that would tug on my heart strings if you know what I mean. She liked to make quilts and I know she’d be happy I couldn’t just toss it out and I think she’d be pleased that I made something from it. As you can see I’m trying to decide. lol The old quilt is nothing fancy by any means. My Uncle had an upholstery shop and he’d save her the ticking from making the mattresses so she could make the quilts with it. But that’s what makes it even more important to me. So you see WHY I couldn’t toss it and I keep hanging onto it.

I’ll have to get it out and take a pic of it so you can see it.

Edited to add the pix……..




This is the ticking they used to use to make mattresses with. She made two of these from the ticking, one for each side. Then she sandwiched old pieces of cloth inside it.


You can see both sides of the quilt on this next shot. She made them to keep us warm. I have another one but she made it with little squares of fabric and it’s not quilted like this one is. So tickled that I have TWO of her quilts!!!!


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