Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogger Named Mary


I have been looking at this blog for I know 45 minutes now and just had to share it with you all. I found the blog simply by doing a search on crazy patchwork quilts.

As you saw from my last post I want to do something with my old quilt. So I was looking trying to get some ideas. I don’t really quilt although I have wanted to. I do have a bed spread pinned together to do one day though. I bought it and it has that old stuffing junk in it and when I washed it, it knotted up inside it so I took it out and added me a blanket inside it. Now I have to sew it all together.

Anyway I have been enjoying her blog for the last few minutes and I see she has tea parties! SmileSmile

I LOVE having tea parties and love anything related to tea things. I have had to chill out on my collection of tea related things because I have NO MORE room for it!  Sad smile

Anyway just had to share her blog with you. She is a VERY interesting lady indeed and living in a really neat place as well! Looks like she has some wonderful recipes to! Anyway do check out her blog! I know I will be visiting it again as well.

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