Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Yep I will be soon getting me some baby chicks to raise. Am really excited. Going to get some black Australorp and some Rhode Island Reds and may even get some black sex links. Our nephew brought us a wooden box and we’re adding a door on the top of it and legs on the bottom.

This is the top of it in the picture below. You can see the hinges on the back of it there. I am going to put some hardware cloth on the top where the little 1x2 strips are.


Top brooder house


I am going to paint it a pretty green color since I have that paint on hand already. The next pic is the bottom of it. I wanted legs on it so it wouldn’t be so low to the ground. We’re going to frame the legs out with the little 1x2’s and also attach them to the 2x4 there that’s already on the box.


bottom brooder house


Our nephew brought us this box from where he worked to have for the chicks. We’re going to get our chicks from him since he has a hatching business.

I’ve been trying to get my duck pen ready for when they get older they will go into that then. Hubby and I are going to put some tin up on the north wall and on part of the west wall so it will be warmer for them in the winter time. Also I wanted to use that area for the roost to so that way nothing can get at them through the fence while they’re on the roost. Had to do a little patch work on the old duck pen since it’s been quite some time since it’s been used. Cleaning it out as well because I was storing some flower pots in it.


Thought I’d share a bit of what I have been doing these days with you all.

You surely will get to see some baby chick pix when I get them. Smile So stay tuned!



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Kristi said...

I love black Australorps; they are hardy, quiet, good layers, and beautiful.