Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chickens and Brooder Boxes

Well we’ve had the Rhode Island Reds (16 of them) for 2 weeks as of this past Sat. Then we got the Black Australorps and Sex Links (23 of these) this past Thursday. We wound up having to build another brooder box just like this one so we can butt them together and make one brooder box. We put a piece of stainless steel expanded metal in one side of the box for a window so they could see each other and it would be like they were raised together. Can’t put them all together yet since there is such a age difference.

Figured I would show you all a few pix of them and the brooder boxes.



This is the first one we did. Our nephew brought us these crates. They ship things in them where he works. We just added the legs and a couple 2x4’s to screw the legs to and added the top for the lid. It has hardware cloth on top of the lid. I keep plastic over the top to keep the Rhode Island Reds warm.


This is the Rhode Island Reds (RIR) when I first brought them home.


Another one.


Buddy our dog just loves them and is soooo fascinated with them.


One eating from the lid. lol Aren’t they so stinkin’ cute? Winking smile


Getting bigger.


This one was pecking on my camera lins. lol


Out for a little outing. Winking smile


They enjoyed their outing.


Working on their bigger pen trying to get it ready for them.


They should really enjoy this space.

Now for the newest babies. These are the Black Austrlorps and the black sex links. Got these on Thursday of last week so they are only 4 days old. There are 23 of these.


Buddy is just as fascinated with these.


They still have some of the stuff from the egg shell on them.


Started the SECOND brooder box. Made it about the same size as the other one so we can butt them together so they can see one another and grow up together. Then when they get larger I can unscrew the expanded metal and remove it so they can visit each others pens.


Sorry this pic isn’t too grand. My camera just doesn’t take nice night pix. I was painting it this evening and it got dark on me before I got done with it. This is the side with the expanded metal in it. We will cut the same size hole out in the other brooder box and just screw the two boxes together. I’ve got to put the hardware cloth on the top of it yet. The black australorps are really fast out growing their pen. Smile

OK that should be enough for now. Maybe I can get some better pix of the second brooder box we made when it’s day time.

Updated to add a better pic of the newest brooder box…..


I’ve got to put the hardware cloth on it yet and take the tape off the expanded metal.


He (hubby) added the little tabs on the sides to attach the two brooders together with.



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