Sunday, March 17, 2013

Up-Cycling or Re-Cycling Clothes


Up-Cycling and Restyling


I have been seeing blogs all over the internet where folks are refashioning clothes and I just love some of the ideas! There are some really cute ideas out there! So they gave me some ideas as you will see.

Now I WISH I’d took a before pic of this dress on me but I don’t do sleeveless clothes so it would have just been hanging on a hanger. I MAY have taken a pic of it when I bought it from my favorite thrift store and I hope I did so I can post it when I find it. I only paid .50-1.00 can’t remember which. I don’t wear dresses much so I haven’t even worn it in all this time I have had it. Took it out of the closet to donate to the Goodwill.

It was a long dress with a tank top style on the top of it. I knew when I bought it I would have to wear a  blouse under it since it had no sleeves. I knew that would be HOT in this humid summer weather we have here in the deep south! So I decided to just donate it and really did have this dress IN my car for a week now I know to donate to the Goodwill. Never made it there yet and yesterday we were tending to some business in town when it hit me, this would make a cute blouse and I could cut it off and make me some sleeves with the tail end of this long thing! So that’s JUST what I did and I dearly love it now!

So while thinking about how I wanted it to be I decided I wanted a rounded tail on it, what we used to call a taper tail. Don’t know WHAT they call it now a days. I have always LOVED tapered tails so that’s what I decided to do with it. Tapered tail/rounded tail and then put in some sleeves. After I cut it off I walked into the bathroom to see in the mirror if I needed to trim off more before I hemmed it. Hubby was sitting in the living room and says, that looks nice. It wasn’t even hemmed yet. lol I did it all in about an hours time so not bad for my little investment huh? I have a lot of clothes with black in them so I can do a lot of stuff with it, wear it with a skirt, or a pair of slacks or blue jeans. Dress it up or dress it down.


My daughter and I have always said we need to start a designing business for large ladies because the larger the lady the larger the prints seem to get sometimes. I liked the print on this one because I love flowers and black to AND the print is smaller. So I’m so glad I thought to do this because I needed some clothes that fit me because I’ve lost weight and most of my clothes are too large now.

So I might just get in the designing business after all. Winking smile

When I wear it maybe I can think to get a pic of me in it so I can post it on here for you to see.  So if you have a long dress you don’t wear, you can do something with it as well so you can wear it to. Now I have a nice summer blouse that will be cool to wear.

Edited to add a pic of me in it. Smile 





Paula C. said...

You are amazing, you know that? :) Your new top turned out very nice!!

Rose said...

Y thank you Sister in law! :-) Cindy says to me last night, Momma that looks like it came from the store like that. This was really fun to redesign something like this. I noticed while doing some researching online Amazon even has books on this subject! lol

Anonymous said...

Very clever, Rose!!! I love it, too!
PS I sent you a PM on the APP Forum.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Punky. You'll have to send me that link because I have lost it. :(