Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Redoing Furniture


This is what I am doing now. I worked on it some the other day trying to get the rest of the veneer peeled off it. I had filled in all the cracks in it with some wood putty but am afraid that will harden and pop out in the future and once I’m done with it I want to be done with it. So I have decided to TRY and get that out and fill in the cracks with some sawdust and glue so it will stay in there and not come out later. I am going to get the paint off the top of it and stain and varnish the top and then paint the rest of it this color. That’s my plans for right now anyway. I really really like this piece!



This is how wide the cracks are in the top and then some are in one of the doors. This was before I put the wood putty in it.


This is a close up shot of the front of it. I have got all the veneer off it now and got it sanded down as well.


Now to get the wood putty out and fill it in with some sawdust and glue to hold it.


I really like this piece on it. I can’t wait to get it all fixed up.


Here’s a pic of it without the drawers. I took the top off it so I could fix it.


This ones where I was getting the veneer off.


Top off it.







Back inside until another pretty day so I can work on it some more. I’m thinking about putting some different knobs on it but not sure yet. I NEED some knobs on the doors that will match these that was on it.

Anyway figured you guys would like to see the project I am working on now. I will post more pix later as I work on it.



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