Tuesday, May 3, 2011



I am still working around my pool trying to get it landscaped. I am going to transplant yellow day lilies and these plants around it tomorrow I hope! I have the pine straw in place but in a couple small areas. Going to put some in those areas and then get to transplanting all this stuff. I have impatiens, periwinkles and begonias. I wanted it to look tropical and will probably plant elephant ears around it as well. My sister in law gave me some bulbs so I have a few of those as well.

We have a little cool front that has came in today and it’s also suppose to be cool tomorrow. So I am taking advantage of it while it’s cool. We had a little shower today but before the shower I was able to get my tomatoes transplanted and straw around the squash. So I got a good bit accomplished today.

I know I am transplanting my day lilies about the time they’re to bloom but hubby had his hip replaced and I’ve been pretty busy with him. He’s doing very well now so I can leave him a little because he doesn’t have to have me sooo much now.

I will post pix later on maybe the day lilies will bloom again when I get them transplanted.  I always cut them back when I transplant them so I am hoping they will bloom later.

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