Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Landscaping and Gardening

Well I got to work in the yard again this evening. I didn’t get to start when I wanted to today due to hubby having P.T. today. But I did get a lot accomplished but sure did want to get that job finished today!

This is the back side of the landscaping and I need to get my monkey grass transplanted around the edges. I started it last year and never did get it finished. It’s looking really nice this year already. I transplanted some yellow day lilies in the pine straw but you can’t really see them since I cut them off. The tree there is a red tip and when it bloomed it was getting blooms all in the pool so I cut the top out of it. So not it is starting to put out leaves all over the place.

banana trees by pool

I planted begonias all in here and back toward the tree I planted some impatiens. Then there is some yellow day lilies back there as well. You can see the edge of the patio I am building for a patio table. We need and area to put our towels and stuff closer to the pool.

left side pool 1

I’ve got to move the stepping stones that are close to the round ones because they’re up too high on that side. I needed to see if I was going to have enough bricks and also to see just how wide I wanted it to be. So now that I know I can move those and level the area. I am going to lay brick around it to and then I will sweep concrete in the cracks and crevices and then lightly sprinkle it with water to set it.

left side with start of pario

You can see the little plants a little better on this next shot. I’ve got to move the monkey grass so I can get it where I want it to go. It’s a little too far in right now. You can see the dirt on the edge where I am going to till up for it but wanted to get the plants in the ground first. The monkey grass will do fine if it’s transplanted even in the heat of the summer but the little cell packs of flowers wont do so well.

right side of pool cell plants

This is our potatoes we planted back in Feb. The corn my brother in laws planted. As you can see our white cat followed me to the garden.

tators 1

And this is one of the potatoes plants blooming. My brother in law said when they bloom like this there is lots of tators under the soil.

tator bloom 1

The corn with tassels on it.

corn tasseling purdy

Close up of the tassel on the corn.

corn tassel

more flowers……

plants around pool

I am HOPING to at least get the rest of the day lilies transplanted tomorrow. And maybe just maybe I can also get some of the patio done as well. I’ve got to mow to so hopefully I can get all of this done tomorrow! DH bought me 4 window boxes and I need to get them hung as well and put the soil in them and get flowers in them. There is ALWAYS something more to be done around here. I NEVER get caught up. It sure would be nice just for once, to be caught up and every thing done. lol

Stay tuned for more later…….

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