Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to Working on the Sewing Room Again

Yep I have been moving in the fabric trying to get it all in here so I can start putting it on the bolts to get it organized. So I started putting it on the bolts today and am seeing I had just as much fabric as I thought I had. Winking smile 

I will have to get me some more of the foam boards since I am running a little low on them now. I had sit and cut them back in February so they would be ready to wrap.

Anyway I wanted to come back on here and let you all know I am not missing in action and that I am working on this room again and to show you some proof.

I plan on making me some shelves to put the fabric and the jars of thread and buttons but I need to make my supports for my table for the sewing machines first. THEN I can do the shelves. At this end of the room where the bolts of fabric are I want to make the shelves the width of the room with is like 9-10’ wide. I have a dresser sitting there right now but trying to decide just where this dresser can go so I can have that whole wall for shelves!


The shorter pieces of fabrics will go on the smaller foam boards as you can see. I am just getting started so this is not all my fabric. I gave my sister a lawn a leaf trash bag full last summer and I do HOPE she’s using it.


I plan to start on my roman blinds really soon. I am trying to decide if I want to use the fabric I have on hand already or to try and find some that I fell in love with the other day on the internet. I want the room to be pink and green with some black as well. The walls are green and I want the green and the pink in the roman blinds as well as some white in them since I’d like to put some of the old fashioned ball trim on them.

We also finally got the table in here that I wanted in here. I put down some plastic on the floor to protect it because I plan on putting a couple more coats of varnish on it. I’ve been sick with some kind of sinus crud so I knew I better not varnish it yet with this mess! LOVE this table for my sewing room but it was too large for our dining room! Hubby and I along with the guy that built our home built this table over 20 years ago. So I said well, while I am healing I can sit and wrap my bolts and then I have the laces and trims to wrap to. Got bunches of that to!  2 large bags to be exact!


Anybody wanna come help me? Winking smile


Ok let me get back to wrapping bolts. Winking smile

Stay tuned and be patient with me because with hubby home these days I have to choose days I can do my things.


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