Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Missing in Action

Sorry you guys for not coming on and keeping you posted in what I am doing these days. Most of what I am doing involves the chickens as you would imagine. Winking smile


Yep I am loving being a chicken owner AND getting eggs from them! Yep already getting eggs from those babies.

That was my very first egg we got out of the nest. Hubby was the one that found it and it made my whole week! As you can see I had to weigh it. It was 41g.

Now we are getting about 4 a day but not all the hens are laying yet. I have 8 Rhode Island Red hens and 2 roos and then 7 Black Australorps and I say Aussies for short.

I have been trying to learn all I can about keeping chickens and what I need to do and not to do so I can help to keep them healthy. A very precious lady on a chicken forum has helped me a whole lot to learn and has given me all kinds of ideas I have done on my coop and run and for their roost and nesting area.

Grazing frames we made for them so I can plant grass in there so they will have fresh grasses in their run and they can’t root up the roots to the grass. They eat the grass as it comes up through the hardware cloth. They have 3 of these in there.

Getting bigger. Open-mouthed smile


Checking out her nesting boxes. This was when we first put it up. We can check it outside their pen.


Even bigger, this one was a double yolker.



Got eggs? Winking smile



Homemade ice cream using our eggs.


One of the girls. This is an Aussie.

I call them my fuzzy butts. Winking smile


Soaking up the sunshine.


Good lil shot of one of the Aussie’s.


In their favorite dusting spot when they free range.


In their pen eating.


On one of the paths of made from rocks and concrete through my flower bed.


Eating termites off this stump.

After they found them on the other stump I pulled the bark away from this one and let them have at them on this one to.

I thought this one was so cute with the one on the stump looking down and the other one on the ground.


Still feeding and we have more. 

You can click on any of the photo’s to make them larger if you’d like.



Hubby made us a swing frame for our old cypress swing we had. I think he did an awesome job to. You can see it toward the right side of the pic. The other chickens are still feeding on that first stump.


OK this should give you a small idea of what I have been up to lately.


Hope you all are well and busy or just being if you can do that. Stay tuned for more chicken stuff. Winking smile


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Rae said...

hey, thanks for coming by my blog. love finding new ones too. Your girls are beautiful and I love the swing! I have one on our back porch, but I do so want one out in the yard to watch the chickens. I'll get you added to my blog roll too.