Saturday, July 30, 2011

Roman Blinds for Sewing Room

Ok I am officially gathering the materials to get started on the roman blinds for this sewing room. Since I am not feeling very well these days it may take me a little while to get them made, but at least I am trying to get started on them.

This isn’t the fabric I would really love to make them out of but I am going to use it for the meantime because the fabric I’d like to have is not in the budget right now and I NEED something up over those 5 windows instead of a piece of raw un-hemmed darkening fabric. lol As you can see from the photo below. So since I have this already and it needs to be used……. and I wanted pink in here with my green……


I bought a rather large piece of upholstery fabric a couple years ago to cover a couple chairs with and did one of them and that mess stretched so bad I wasn’t going to do the other one with it. You can also see the fabric on the table. It’s not really that thick and I think it will work really well for the blinds. I am going to put the darkening fabric stuff on the inside of the blinds because the sewing room is on the west and it gets pretty hot on these windows. There are 4 windows on the front and one on the other end of it which is on the south.

The white sheets you see on the table will be the backing of the blinds. I am going to make them to lay flat on the outside of each window instead of on the inside of it.


Hopefully it will rain again this evening so I can get out there and cut out my 1x2” boards for the top of the blinds. It’s really hot out there right now and since I have not felt very well I really don’t need to be out there in that. Need to keep this blood pressure down.

So I will plug along at these blinds until I get them finished. Just stick with me on this project and we’ll get er done. Winking smile Actually the blinds aren’t hard to make at all. They are just time consuming. But I really like them because they’re so easily pulled up when you want your windows open or when you want some light in the room and also they look nice.

More to come later.

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